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The Smart Strategy for Catching the Girls

“But why?!” Harold asked him, with an air of amusement.

Oscar regarded this as an insult. “It's not you who should be asking that!” he said, seeming almost solemn about it. “But since you asked, I will be regarding you as the pernicious dickhead who doesn't car to know that I'm not about him in a moral sense! Not at all, that is!”

“Why not?!”

“Because you don't care about the assumption there is about that man, and which no other men could have about them! Not to mention not very many women, even!”

“Oh, that's it!” Oscar responded. “I gather you then consider him a girl or some dumb sort!”

“Yeah, I do that! But I also consider him an idiot who cannot help himself to amusements, nor to even the power that for example Patrick - who is by the way also a geek, although he cold be adequate for immoral behavior now and then!”

“I see! But then how come you don't feel like responding to even his friend Conrad?! Cause he is, isn't he, the least geeky of those people!”

“Yeah, he is. But that is in a sense that he is that! It is because he is due to moral just the same that he isn't adequate either!”

“Okay, then, Harold! I feel that there's no point to them, then, in the first place! But how come you feel that the women will come to us just as soon as we ridicule those two who are geekier than most?!”

“That's because they don't really pertain to it! They only moralize because they want to be worshipped by those few guys who are into it! I don't know about Jesus and why he is moral and still adequate for both them and others to worship! But I do know they aren't well enough established to take themselves a man if they are too much into either him or the morals for example August has!”

“Yeah! Now I can see why you regard him as the scum of the earth, even without thinking about his morals as anything but an incapacity to be real about things that really matter!”

“Okay! That's why we two are now going to catch all the girls we can, and that without at all thinking about morals, except for that we have it on the surface, just in order to keep them from moralizing so that their adequacy for being worship is affected!”

“Wow! I say! How come you're telling me all this, thought?! I mean if you're not into morality, then you wouldn't be even telling some other guy about those tricks! So how come you're telling me about it?!”

“It's because you're my friend and there is an adequacy to be into morals if they're about friends only! Thereby I will gain the upper hand on Jesus and thereby you will also be my friend for the time it takes for me to finish learning how to catch women that way, the way my father has been teaching me it should be done!”

“Okay! I can go for actually fetching those girls! I can go for having them for a meal, if that suits our plans for seeming moral in the sense that they can keep an aura of being superficial and thus not be into Jesus' penalty or something!”

“Good! Thereby we will fetch them and actually catch some of them although we're not good looking!”

“Wow! There isn't a catch, though, you think? I mean in that they aren't reliable to be into worship so much more than into relating to actual moral as what they really want?!”

“I suppose there aren't any! There's no catch in that they are evil in that they're supposing they are moral even when they scorn August or someone like him! They aren't even moral when they're into seducing them! I suppose they're into moral when they're supposedly smart at assuming they are of Jesus or something! But I am not of Jesus and there they could have themselves a subterfuge for a fun-in-bed night or something, without them interfering, those who are actually moral!”

“I can't suppose they won't be into pretending you are that dickhead if you don't suppose you're into morals for some reason! I can't think of anything that says she will be for you if you don't suppose you are of Jesus or something! For some reason I can't suppose that!”

“Then you are a moron! I have tried to do it the other way! But they just shrug at it and say that they aren't into him, or else they shrug it of and tell me he isn't into sex between me and her! I thereby have it there's no competence in the Jesus moral to have it we aught to have sex all the time!”

“Okay thereby we shall see to it we don't have anything more to do with him! I will want to pretend I am someone who don't give them a chance to be of virtue, and thereby catch their innocence as the smart actual feeling of immoral that it actually is!”

“I can assume my mother will thereby tell you how much they counteract each other, those men who are into morals as if they were of Jesus, but hen aren't! I can assume they don't have any morals and still seem innocent enough not to have to pretend as if anything about my filthy habits and my evil nature!”

“My mother will have it they are into morals for the sake of nature to be viewed as the natural thing to be competent of making it feel smart at being good for them. I wonder if your mother or mine has the correct point of view! I wonder also if they are competent, either one of them, to be into anything but haste about these men, who are incompetent to be into anything but none-sex and none-violence, not to mention none of that woman business of having their fortune seem like it should humiliate their enemies!”

“No, I don't know either, Oscar! But I feel they can come in handy now that we're gonna fetch ourselves all the girls we can get! And they will come in handy, because I have seen to it that no one will ever refer to them as inadequate mothers for staying moral about how to treat their sons to become the best kinds of guys for the appreciation of society and so! I will also see to it, if you're with me, that they don't seem incompetent to pretend they're moral in a sense they can accept, for the occasions when they do pretend and can possibly be discovered about it!”

“I can thereby say, Harold, that we can already go out and try to fetch some girl! Because I have already seen to it that they seem to do that! I have already told everyone that exactly their standards are supported by their supposedly fake morals!”

With that they went out and caught a girl, whom they shared in bed and who began to spread rumors about them as fun in bed for it!

Friday, July 3, 2015

The Murdered Guard

“Why not kill him when he's on the watch!?”

“Yeah! Why not kill him there! And then we'll get mistake to seem what we was into!”

“I feel that there's no sympathy for him from there where they make his decisions! Therefore we can kill him now and thereby get the reward from the villain of the catastrophe of the haunting dogs!”

“Yeah! He will reward us and then we shall forever rejoiced in the happiness of being villains with him!”

“Fun stuff this killing of a guard will be!”

“Fun stuff indeed!”

Thereby the three villainy aspirants committed the crime of saving a guard for the palace where the atmosphere was sophisticatedly about haunting those who had it even the powerful were awful in their small-problem vulnerability!

The killing was done by having him be off guard by seeming to be on his side about the watch he was there for. He was to be humiliated by actually liking his murderers. These were two men and one woman. They felt they had the right to do it, because in their world there's an enthusiasm for being evil when there's no clue to what evil is for the not-so-evil.

“If I have him now to seem so pathetic that he defends us upon murdering him, then I will be forever honored by his soul, and won't have to lose mine for all eternity!”

“I too feel that there is no clue to how he could have been the killed person without us being honorable and seemingly worth-it to view as capable of seeming sophisticated at the bullying that causes eternal enthusiasm! We shall hereafter know we have done this, and forever rejoice in his suffering, there among the leaves of the highly poisonous plants and snakes!”

“I will see to it that the master of evil we from whom we got this mission assigned us to us always will rejoice in our evil happiness about this deed!”

“Then I will forever be happy!” said the woman, “I will forever rejoice and in sophisticated hatred for the weak and powerless! I will from here on forever heel to the thought of having him suffer like that!” she added, with a scornful hint that it was the man dying in the bushes that she meant.

“I can now see to it that the master of all evil, the man who assigned us to it, will rejoice in having us happy in having seen that happen!” her friend, the master of all plans of evil competence search, said.

The mission accomplished they reported back to the queen of all competences to be happy about saying to oneself that one is to be rejoiced about, the queen also of the palace that guard had been defending. She reported upwards to the witch of all sophistication of remarkability of seeming white in the thoughts and soul, while being very very very dark in them both.

In remembrance for this deed, the queen of all such thoughts fought the remembrance of the suffering as though were it a remembrance of an extreme rejoicement level that he the unjustly punished guard did not reach, for the sake of that he was put of trail about how to rejoice so much that he couldn't do his duties. This the three murderers rejoiced in too.

Thereby, the villain of all haunting that is not on a pedestal of saying to oneself that one is of howling and evil and deeds that cannot be reconciled against, rejoiced in that they could no see through his plan of taking territory from the two queens that they had been reporting to! He felt he was superior now, because he was able to have them rejoice in their own vulnerability for the sake of seeing that the suffering of their own guard was thorough and good for the appearance!

But the queen of the realm of innocence to be seeming impossible for the realm of powerless sophistication of morals, who took care of rejoicing in that the low ones could not rejoice in morals, and thereby became vulnerable in their soul, she, the lower of the two queens the murderers reported to, she was able to taunt back, by having the ghost mother die so painfully that she haunted the ghost into haunting as the guard he once was. She thereby half saved her kingdom from the wicked villain who had caused her the vulnerability.

The enormous suffering of the guard was not reprised, nor that of his mother. Neither was much thought about even as even something an atrocity. So evil was the queen of all witches that she proclaimed herself to be innocent by seeing to it that causing unjust suffering seemed fair to the many who after all did care for some, or even much, morals in her universe of totality of dark and sophisticated evil.

Two years after the first murder, one year after the lower queens murder of his mother, the three murderers were happy and content with their lives and their devotion for causing suffering. They did not suffer any penalties, because everyone was so blinded by the fatal queen of all witches, who ruled them all and who caused eternal suffering for those unfit for reality of total immorality. They were not very afraid, even, of the queen finding out about that her rival, the villain of the evil haunting of the presence of absolute torture, had a plan about taking territory from her for it. Because they knew the evil queen of all witches was all too evil to realize the problem of another evil spirit.

Thereby, the three of them did not have much of a problem with anyone! Meanwhile, the ghost spooked virtually every night, and caused so much trouble that even the queen of the mood of being sophisticated about one's deputy care takers began to lose her might and the palace of sophisticated hauntin of those not too able to see small stories be impossible for big people. The three even rejoiced in that, without either queen reacting with anything but envy, on the smaller queens part, and rejoicment of being higher than that they could reach her, on the part of the higher of them.

Thereby, the years passed, and eventually the dogged efforts of the villain who had scoped for this to be suffering for many, he looked always from them all and saw an opportunity to make himself a new homeland, where he would be king, and those suffering below him would be of absolute obedience!

Thereby, the queen of all witches saw the threat of even her power that he really was. Thereby, she reacted by having some of her subordinates out spying on the villain, whom she found, after all was a threat to even her equally evil empire. Even so, the villain rejoiced in not being thought of as the villain that haunted the many of her subordinates, because she did not rejoice even then in the thought of harassing another evil ruler. But she did revel in the thought of crushing him as though he had never been evil enough to be her, even potential, superior at being of an ultimate and fanatical extreme evil.

Sadly for her, her reign didn't last very much longer than that his ghost was the spirit to kill her. Because she had rejoiced in seemingly having killed the spirit of having even his body be alive. But the spirit of his ghost was there and killed the spirit of her body! In saying this, I will not say that people didn't rejoice in both of their torments from each others' souls. I'm saying, however, that both of their souls were very smart at surviving in their extreme-of-evil environment!

Two years upon the bodily death of the queen of all witches, the then also killed ruler of the temple of rejoicement of seeming moral while sophisticatedly having evil seem right, had also died. This was the queen who had first reported to her about that guard's death, but who was killed in a disease from that the then still bodily alive spirit of the villain hypnotized one of her people to infect both her and almost all of her inferiors with - and also the rival for the throne whom she respected but feared and despised for trying to fetch her throne of evil of being immoral against the virtually satanic but still moral people that were sometimes close to her.

The devil in the mentioned villain was so bight at being evil that he never again seemed incompetent of being the malicious evil-doer that kept on being alive to the extent there was a competence needed of that magnitude of evil. Forever after he shall be ready to torture those opposed to the one who beat his soul at last. Forever also will he be in charge of the many souls he had beat. Thereby, there will forever be rejoicement for the winner in that very evil universe, where there are not any tales to be told, which is why we must tell them all forever on this earth.

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"Now I've Got a Great Idea!"

“I vow that I never again set foot in this building!”

Christina sat and laughed at the thought of having them over again - and, a little, at the thought of leaving the mentioned building herself for any long time. It was not her house, but she felt it was hers, in the sense that she couldn't predict that she would lose her relationship with it. Therefore she felt that Matilda's comment was awful, but she still laughed at that, too, since she didn't feel that the building was anything that Matilda would decide over.

“I swear,” she answered, “that there's no way for us to lose this house; no matter how we tried; we wouldn't easily, at least, lose it! Besides, where are you going to live, if we don't pertain here, in htis building, which is after all our home!”

“I'm gonna live in the forest!” Amanda answered. “I'm gonna live there and I'm gonna shoot wild animals for a living!”

“Oh! Then I shall see to it that you get a handgun with you! But I, I'm gonna live here, and there's not enough sense in it for me to follow you out into the forest for that!”

“I'm gonna live in the forest, and you come with me! I'm gonna teach you how to swim, there! I'm also gonna tell you about all the mushrooms I can eat, and which ones are to be thrown away! That way we can both eat mushrooms, and there are also so many berries and stuff that we can eat!”

“I will follow you there on one condition! It is that I don't have to spend my time trying to understand the way the principle of nature seems to work for ya! Because I don't want to know about such things!”

“Okay! You just come with me into the forest and then we'll be together with our animal friends, and tell them all about those other human beings, so that they don't like any more than we do!”

“I see! When you're out in the forest you tell the animals they aren't geing to be taken as friends by the other human beings! That's clever! But how come will they seem to be on your sinde when you have to kill some of them for the meat we're gonna have for survival!?”

“I guess it's by telling them that I don't have to kill them unless the other human beings are bad, but hey are! I go for trying to substitute the essence of being into them as friends by the essence of survival! That they will understand me for!”

“Okay! I guess the theory about their minds works for the sake of us being there for some time without there being a mistake on our part due to that they have it we wildness-friendly people are fatal.”

“Then how will I survive without being here every now and then, I who never have set my foot in the forest before!?”

“You will survive by having us seem mature enough to be able to be ready to be smart at being part their society! I will teach you how to deal with them that way!”

“But how will I survive the forest, I mean?! I, who can't even climb a tree!?”

“I'll teach you!”

“But how?! I mean how long will it take form me to learn all those things!? I who only have been out in the cultivated gardens and parks around here!?”

“I will teach you how to survive in the forest, and that's final! You will not see to it that we return to this building, not now after my sister has died in what they call a “tragic accident,” but which was in reality just their trap for her that worked and thus killed her!”

“I know! But how come they will not follow us out in the forest!? What do you feel they can do once we get there?!”

“I feel they will do nothing but believe we are gone because some others have killed us!”

“Oh! That's the plan! Then I can follow, and I will come along to learn the forest as you will teach me!”

“Good then, Christina! Since you're only three, you will be able to learn much more than I ever have about the forest and how to survive there! I have not learned anything of it before I was five! Now you will start at an even earlier age than I!”

“Then I will learn to ride a horse! Because I have always envied a horseback rider for that they can't fall off in the forest!”

“No! I don't think we can take any horse with us there! I'm afraid they would follow us then! But I will see to it there is a horse there in say a couple of years! And then maybe you can learn how to ride without falling off!”

“Okay! Then I will learn when I'm nine or something! I will learn how to sit and how to not fall of, then, and I will be happy, because when I fall off I never can be happy with a horse!”

“Okay, you will be happy then, once I get a horse to my forest! But you will come with me tomorrow, and don't forget it's I who am in charge, because it's I who know everything about the forest!”

“I will have to come with you! Because if they come here when I'm alone here, they will kill me too! That's why I will follow you out in the forest!”

“Okay! You follow me there! But for now, let's just settle for that we brush our teeth! Because out in the forest, there's a long time without a toothbrush in anyplace!”

“Okay! I'll brush my teeth real well!”

“Good!” she said, and with that they settled for the decision to leave the next day. When it arrived, they walked out into the, as it happened to be, then foggy forest. They got lost and they never came back, not even for a horse to go riding on!

But their bodies were found near a swamp by the lake they had probably planned to fish in!

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The Evil Choice of Woman or Man

Adult (or at least semi-adult) story; follow the link if you want to read it anyway: The Evil Choice of Woman or Man

A Horrible Refuge

Adult (or at least semi-adult) story; follow the link if you want to read it anyway: A Horrible Refuge

Hearsay and Gypsies

“Yes it is that!” Deborah said, “It is a gypsy trick to try to pretend there is someone to distrust in anyone who dares not to show what they're about when there's a competence in that someone to seem satisfied with them not knowing!”

Sophie looked at her and answered: “I thought gypsy tricks were about trying fool you into saying to yourself that there's no hidden danger. I mean - if there's anything to the gypsies - it's that they keep their thefts hidden that way!”

“I mean that they pretend that in order to have it there either are no dangers to disguise, or else they have the right to accuse that person! In such circumstances they often manage either to steal or to put blame on such a person. Often they even do both things at once!”

“It is not a gypsy cunning in the first place to be able to seem real about circumstances that are about the dangers of not knowing! It is not they who would be able to pretend as though there were not any reasons to believe oneself to have nothing to do with whomever they could perhaps otherwise distrust in such a way!”

“I find it in you not to admit that she who took your money wasn't all about seeming innocent. Instead she was about trying to feel innocent by your comparison!”

Sophie looked thoughtful. “I wasn't sure about her! It's not quite certain to me, even, if that lady was a gypsy! She seemed to act the way one could expect from one, I think. But since she was not quite dark-skinned and not dressed as a gypsy woman, she still seems possible as something else. But, true, that aside, I could be into a predicament of that they are sly that way, and that it's they who trick people into seeming guilty somehow.”

Now Deborah looked thoughtful. “I presume it's the gypsies who aren't very fond of being the way one could expect them to be! But still there seems to me to be, in their culture or something, that kind of a strategy!”

“Of pretending another person is guilty by having him or her seem to hide whatever he or she didn't think about emphasizing? Yeah! Perhaps it's really something they did for survival way back when they started wondering around!”

“Yes! Exactly that! It's about that they evilly pretend we should watch out for ourselves and thereby catch us of guard, sometimes. When we are, they skillfully steal something form ya!”

“Debbie, it's not a certainty that they would pertain to that still in this day and age, except to the extent they still steal from us. I mean they aren't necessarily the ones using that trick nowadays - even if it is, perhaps they who invented it!”

“I agree! But they have stolen from us, or at least it's probably they, that is - and once I'm sure it was a gypsy lady who did pick-pocket me, because she seemed to be the one to pretend I was pretending as if nothing about the ability I might have to pick a boyfriend among her people1 She was evilly vindictive about it, probably! I can't but know that it was she who stole my wallet just to show me that they were in charge of each other, and not I, some stranger, who was. ...”

“You mean she really despised you that much for wanting a boyfriend among her people!?”

“I guess so. I'm not sure about the way she thought about me, nor my fellow on the side! I presume she happened to feel I was insolent, and I can feel that some others I know would also have avenged it!”

“Then perhaps you would be the one to blame for it!”

“Even so I don't feel they have the right to retaliate that easily! I mean I was just checking them out, those two gypsy men, who seemed rather handsome, the two of them! Also, I was trying to flatter them! Even so she retaliated as if there was something wrong with that I even looked at her people!”

“Okay, Deb! I agree that perhaps there's something to what you've just told me! But I still feel that you have to retaliate a little less against those people! I mean that you're being superficial if they are to be defined as crooked all the time just because of that once!”

“It's not safe at all to presume it was only that one time! I feel, thereby - of course, isn't it?! - that there's not at all retaliation in just saying to myself that they aren't always trustworthy!”

Sophie looked thoughtful again. “Okay. I'll help you retaliate that, but on one condition! It isn't me that they should be into seeing as the one who is after their skins in this! It's you who should obviously be the one to stick her neck out, if anyone, that is!”

Debbie sighed. “Of course, Sophie! Yeas, of course I'll be the one to take most of their hatred for this! I already feel their sympathy couldn't be there, so yes, I'm ready to take that!”

After two weeks, the two women had, with some help from both of their families, spread the word in their neighbourhood that gypsies were evil people. This had seemed like nonsense to some, but as old news to others. But they had fended for their words by spreading that they also were pretending others were guilty and that they thereby got away with being it themselves. This the gypsies were now beginning to retaliate against them for.

Firstly, it said in a newspaper that the two women, and both of their families, seemingly, it said, were prejudice blackmailers, who stopped at nothing for seeming insulted by people who were already outcasts. Secondly it said that they were trying to warn people about something that actually didn't exist, namely that gypsies were, supposedly, more keen than others on pretending those who don't know their hiding something should be still viewed as wanting to hide it. The article sort of disproved the notion of that they did so by referring to a situation where gypsies had been harassed by several people without being able to defend themselves. it said that they could have done so by pretending one of them was hiding that he was cunning at ruling them all, and that they were quite obviously not keen enough to do so.

The two women and their families defended themselves in by having it that they, the gypsies wouldn't even recognize such a possibility had they not been more keen on doing that than most people. They also stated that those who had attacked them probably simply had guarded themselves against such stuff, well enough for not even the gypsies to be able to pull that trick against them. It was not a certainty, they had it, that the gypsies wouldn't intimidate them so much that they weren't able to be aware of their own defences. This they wrote in an a letter to the editor of a rivaling newspaper, where they also wrote that the gypsies had “obviously been guilty of very much pretension about their issue! This is also what they usually do!” they stated, and continued: “Thereby such people cannot really be trusted about anything!” they concluded.

“But this is not our opinion!” the editors of that newspaper wrote after the column.

“I from here on will not ever try to seem to be responsible about this kinds of assertions!” Debbie said after reading it. “From here on, we shall not ever again pretend as if something about those damned gypsies! Instead, I will from here on fake that they are too innocent to believe! That way, perhaps, the public will claim hearsay against them and thereby make it self-evident that they pertain to being evil in the sense that they don't pertain to actual society!”

Sophie looked at her and answered: “How come you then feel that they are that guilty? I mean that they seem innocent in that you call it hearsay, those rumors you want to use against them!”

“I feel that it's hearsay that should be enough said about them! Thereby, I will feel superior by just pointing at them as the ones with whom hearsay is enough!”

“I can't presume you even know what you're dealing with! When I hear you say hearsay is the only way to define those people, then it seems to me that they haven't got any facade at all, since they are harassed by you so easily!”

“I can't believe my ears! But I will from now on consider you not to be my friend and thereby not one to be trusted much! I presume you will from now on also not view me as that friend you could be talking to at points!”

“I agree!” she answered, and with that they ended their friendship.

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The Notion of Having a Real Good Family

Enthusiastically, cunningly and without remorse, she threw her fiancé's gift to her in the water. She felt he had betrayed her, and that she couldn't forgive him without there being an enthusiasm about having another man seem to be much more suitable for her. Upon humiliating with that, she could probably feel that the old relationship was not totally regrettable.

“I wonder,” she asked herself, “why I suppose I am the woman to be had at the same time as hating that man for feeling that about himself! But somehow,” she continued pondering, it wasn't true that he could possibly have been anything but a fake with her! This was so since she didn't seem to fit in, in situations where he seemed at home and at ease with faking that his assets where of much better quality than hers had been!

As she kept thinking about it, she said to herself that “I have no lust for the type of fellow who will cheat on me, even though I feel very much like cheating myself!” Even so, somehow, she threw herself enthusiastically into the kind of contexts where it wasn't allowed to be a cheater, just because she wanted to seem to be much better than him at not cheating, and thus win the confidence from the next guy to cheat with!

“I feel that I myself have an imbecile in me, for being the moron who enthusiastically pretends to be a none-cheater, while all my friends are cheaters, and keep on humiliating me as though I were the moron who should be treated as though there were no competences in me to see to my own good as were it an asset for others as well as the closest among my friends and other acquaintances!”

Thereby, she stood now, at the embankment's deep-water stretch, having thrown her engagement ring into the water. “I will now, from here on, never again feel tha the would be the guy to marry! I will never again feel that he would be my husband had he tried for eternity to become it! I will thereby erase his memory for all but the sore attitude I'll have about him forever, from now on!”

As she stood there, she sensed someone walking up beside her. She turned around and saw her brother. She looked him in the eyes and said: “You shouldn't have come here! No matter why you followed me here, you must tell me why you think what I'm doing is any of your business!”

“I followed you here because I wanted to make certain that you felt like saying something aobut what the engagement seemed to lead up to!”

“I felt that it led up to nothing but the type of nonsense about marriage that there is to a guy with no predicaments of feeling that we should be a couple forever after!”

“Then how come you stand still and seem to be pondering on what went wrong between you?!”

“I'm not pondering on what went wrong! I'm pondering on why I've become this half-ass bitch who doesn't care to be responded to by anyone but those who are against me in the sense that they don't care for morals and standards that I had when I grew up!”

“Then I don't care to find you to be anything but a nuisance for the friend of mine you were engaged to!”

“Then stop telling me that I should be the one to listen to you! Because I don't have anything here but the man I will regret that I ever came close, even, to marrying!”

“But why do you pretend he is the guilty one! He is nothing but the same sort that you are! You and he both cheat on each other! Both of you hate each other for it! And thereby you and he shall be forever bound by taht your engagement was of mutual contentment about the other partner suffering from that!”

She turned towards him. “What do you mean by that I shall be seen as nearly, even, the same as that man! It's he, and it isn't I, who ruined the marriage plans by cheating so that I could feel so bad about him!”

“He felt just about the same about you, sis, and thereby I proclaim the two of you to be just about as alike as all that! Moreover I shall soon enough be into serious business with him as a partner! I will not let you feel that I have a bad partner for all of that! It's you who are the mediocre spouse who tells herself not to be into seeming, even, to be loyal, and now that I have him as a partner, I will harass you about it, until you seem loyal to him - and thereby me as well!”

“I will not permit that you and he enter that partnership! I will not allow the wtwo of you to pretend I haven't fatally had it in him to cheat so bad that he doesn't seem fit for even being a business partner!”

“Then what about you and that business partner you had in Mark, who was my partner in bed for about two weeks?! I mean he was also a cheater who didn't seem to realize it wasn't too good to have fairly many others, while pretending to be with only me!”

“I don't agree with that that is at all alike! It isn't me who was into a le3sbian relationship in the first place! It is into gay and lesbian to be into a multitude of partners and you know that! Besides, I'm not bedding my new one until we have an engagement ring each, and so that's final about those dirty hook-ups of yours!”

“My liaisons and so forth are not to be seen as that dirty! We feel connected to one another in ways that cultivates essentials of togetherness! We don't just run around and feel for each other that tehre is some dirty story to be had here and now!”

“Then why do you feel that my ex-fiancĂ© is anything but a dirty bastard?! And then why do you seem to be into relationships with them as though they were buddies and not the kinds of partners one should really take seriously?!”

“It's because I and my partners usually feel that it's outside a relationship that it should be, that stuff about trying to be faithful and to simple-mindedly pretend that everyone is evil who tries to stop whatever phoney obligations and stuff one is into when one deals with the so-called marriage or, like you, that very phoney status of being into that marriage should be!”

“Then how come you don't chose few partners for the sake of committing yourselves to each other?! There must be enough partners out there for you to commit yourselves to, even without there also being commitments on the side!”

“No! Whatever partner I chose must be committed to me, well enough for me to feel that I can be certain about her or him without that meaning that we should be into that relations on the side are too bad to have!”

“Then why do you feel that I have not thrown my engagement ring over the dock for the sake of pretending as if something about the way the see it when we are into a relationship of so-called status of being faithful and stuff?! How come you keep on nagging me as though there wasn't any commitment to be real about things, so that neither would be unfaithful and neither would be disloyal - in any other sense, either!”

“I say to you that there's no commitment on his side that isn't into the weird notions of pretension that he was forced to be into for the sake of keeping you satisfied. But that's just because of your faking attitudes that he had to have that pretension!”

“Then I will from now one never again speak to you as my brother! It is not a family that it should be to speak to one's sister as though she didn't have any commitment on his side!”

“I will from here on, then, see you as my idiot sister who doesn't pertain to morals, nor standards about living that are real about relationships being loosely held and thereby smart at willingness to admit one's problems with each other!”

“I feel as though you have embarrassed this family that I grew up with so much that we don't have anything left to say to each other! From here on you shall not be my brother and I shall not again speak to you as though you were!”

With that she left him where he stood, and went home to their parents and began to cry to their mother about him. She asked her to forgive him just the same, but she couldn't. Thereby she asked him to move our, as soon as he came back. But he didn't. Instead, she moved to another town and told everyone there that her brother was a man to ruin every family relationship that he got to have anything to do with.

“Forever after I shall be with me and my own family of friends! I have no family that are of that biological context that my mother has it is so trustworthy!” she though for herself, two years later, and committed suicide.

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Steve's Girlfriend

Adult (or at least semi-adult) story; follow the link if you want to read it anyway: Steve's Girlfriend

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The Predicament of not Having any Opposite-Gender Partners

This story is, although not adult, fairly much about an adult issue, and thereby not suitable more for chldren than for adults. It has therefore been moved to the adult blog, anyway. Click the link if you feel like reading it: The Predicament of not Having any Opposite-Gender Partners

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A Girlfriend of a Very Gay Man

Adult (or at least semi-adult) story; follow the link if you want to read it anyway: A Girlfriend of a Very Gay Man

Catastrophy of a Cunning Attitude

“No, I can't feel I'm bad for them! But still they try to make me seem as though I insult their beings so much. It's not until now that I finally found out they're into seeing me as what they're relatives are! It is they who have relatives in those disgusting old hags who really are so repulsive that only they, who are their relatives, can endure thoughts of liking 'em!

“It is they, not I,” he continued, “who have it in them to fake that it's moral that isn't worthwhile about the appearance and so! It's just that the younger of the relatives oftentimes are pretty and thereby very smart at pretending it's I who am the nuisance that also they will be when they become old hags!”

His sister looked at him. “But then you can actually pretend as if they would never feel that they'd have to be beautiful just in order to even things out, about that their old relatives are so disgusting?”

“I can't believe they are anything but the same as they were! Those disgusting old fellows and hags, who really disgust people all around them - and then they have these mean descendants who pretend intensively that it's everyone else who disgusts people!”

“So you admit that it's not only the females that become disgusting with old age? Okay! But then I shall see to it that one cannot view them as possibly, even, anything but so evil that we shall not be humiliated by them again!”

“I've already tried that! But somehow people seem to view them as innocents, until they are made vulnerable by them, enough so that they aren't capable of tormenting them with how obvious it is! Please, sis, the notion of them as totally evil came as a real shock for me, as does it for everyone else who deals with their young as though they were not evil!”

“But how can we tell them apart?! I mean most old people could now and then look disgusting form me! I presume that you also can feel that way!?”

He sighed. “Yeah! I guess I can! But then again they don't seem as disgusting as all that! I don't know how to put this: They aren't as bad as those old parents or grandparents of the meanies that I have suffered from being acquainted with!”

“Okay! But then almost all the old people could be judged as just the same apart from that some are worse and some less bad, it seems! Because, I can tell that they are going to blackmail the hell out of our relatives if we campaign against their obnoxious defence for their disgusting elders!”

He sighed again. “I know. But they will thrive unless I do something about them!” he proclaimed. “Thereby, I will from now on not see them as my friends and/or would be lovers even if they try to be friendly - or lovely, that is - with me!”

“I doubt it they could ever revenge that from you! Because you are the one to be able to actually present them as being as evil as they really are, I think! We shall from now on, thereby, pretend as if something about that they are evil and we are good!”

“Okay! Then I shall present my assumptions about a stud that was there as my employer earlier this year! I can say that it's he and not the others of them that would be susceptible for the notion of himself as the stud to be harassed by them, instead of that I or others of our people be that!”

“I see! But what's your point - or what will be your strategy, that is - against him!?”

“Oh! We both have a second cousin who seems a lot like that guy! She is perfectly normal to speak to, but very arrogant against those who cannot feel they are superior to her! This will make him seem like the stud to harass, and thereby we will have that it's not us and our people they pester! Presumably at least, they will thereby pester him to the extent that they really kill his soul! And thereby, I shall see to it that I can proclaim them to be as evil as they are!”

She looked thoughtful. “Wow! Then perhaps we could also blame him for the incompetence of finding oneself to be of virtue for anything else but to prejudging those inferior as supposedly wicked and thereby supposedly very punishable!”

“Yes! I think we will manage to do that as well!”

The pestering against the two siblings who had spoken did go away, after they started to blackmail that former employee of the brother. Thereby, they also found themselves to be inaccurately pointed to as evil in the sense that they thought they were the only ones who had the problem of how disgusting and evil some seem to be. Because that had been the reputation they earned by complaining about their own situations about such things.

The blackmail continued for several weeks, before they were run into by someone who pointed at them as the so-called superiors of everyone by the means of trying to insult everybody who couldn't handle their look-alike of that former employee. But they responded by simply blackmailing that fellow as well, because, there too, they found a relative who reminded people of him. This look-alike was obnoxiously happy with complaining about people who were obnoxious about presenting actual problems that they had. He was seemingly supreme in that his obnoxious attitudes kept on winning ground against those who really had something to complain about.

From that point, their two look-alike blamers benefitted them into having a smart position against almost all potential enemies, they noted. Thereby, they felt very proud of having had their relatives seem superb compared to their out-of-family look-alikes, respectively. Thereby, the two siblings were superb on the markets of selling their goods, and they became notorious for having all they sold seem better than their competitors merchandise. This they did by having the competitors seem inferior at handling people who were troubled, by slyly making their two look-alike blamers present them as and/or provoke them into being evil about the kinds of problems those two were blaming their look alikes for their attitudes about.

But, this became a bubble that would burst. It happened when, several years later, one of their look-alike blamers was killed by a few people she had provoked. Since she was killed while pretending to be that former employee of her relative, this stopped him and her other relatives from going to the police, because they were quite afraid of being discovered. Thereby they avenged the murder by murdering three people whom they found to be involved with killing their look-alike blamer.

However, eventually, the vengeance was avenged from the other direction, which they in turn avenged back, too. There was thus a gangster war on, of sorts. Eventually, the two siblings and very many of their relatives had died from it. Then, finally, the police discovered it all, but the story was silenced in the press, as are very many others that are too embarrassing or those involved. Because, we have in our justice system a possibility for those accused as well as for the defendants to keep their trials and so on secret.

The murders and so that never are reported about are many. Even the thus darkened murders that have something to do with such look-alike blamers are not very few. It is only that they almost always are very embarrassing for the ones involved!

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The Hatred

“There's a cruelty to be had!” the old man had said.

“I believe he meant,” Sonya said to her friend Angela, “that we should be cruel to those unfit for understanding that God is there for the resurrection of those who car to understand that he is there. In other words, we do not have to care at all about the atheists, and to the extent they tell us we're uncaring, we shall see to it that no one understands them as having a correct point of view!”

“I already did see it all that way” Angela answered. “Thereby, I'll go on trying to be a cruel and cunning person in that sense. And so should you! And to the extent they complain about it, we'll just not let them in on how to view God as the superb being he is, and thereby have them seem much more unjust than us.”

“I agree! Thereby we shall from now on always take it there are no cruelties in the Christian faith, and that it's always the atheists and so who cause all the trouble in the world!”

“Good! Then we can both go about trying to make them also seem ridiculous when they ridicule our state of mind of worshipping Christ!”

In that, the two sisters smiled at each other and took it there would form this be a smart aspiration to be having against those who thought they were the better ones just because they saw the world with logical eyes. Sonya added that she would go to the grocery store to see if there were any food there to use for the sake of seeming immature for the cruelty of being important enough to eat meat. Angela smiled at that and said she would follow.

When there, they met a store clerk who said they were welcome to look around but that he would have to be paid if they wanted any of the stuff he sold. The two girls looked around and found various vegetables that would suit their needs for being uncruel in the mentioned sense. After a while the two of them came back to the store clerk, each with a bundle of groceries.

The clerk weighed them and told them what they had to pay, respectively, for it. The two of them paid and then said goodbye. but before they left, one of them said: “I assure you we are not atheists like the rest of them, those customers that come here and have you seem so little by their comparison!” The store clerk looked at her in surprise and answered: “I am an atheist myself, so I don't feel very small about it!” the the two girls both looked at him and said simultaneously: “Thereby you shall burn in hell, for there is no peace for the atheists from now on!”

He looked at them in astonishment, then he said: “Why in the world do you think I believe that nonsense! I just told you I was an atheist, and atheists don't believe in such superstition! You both know, girls, that I am not an evil man, and that you are just being prejudice for the sake of pleasing your parents! I feel that you should both go to them and say that I am not affected by their curses nor those of these tow children of them that I hereby have about me!”

Sonya answered: “I don't look forward to that Christ shall not be ruling over the world, so that you and all the other atheists can be punished!”

“I do not mind that your opinion is as low as anybody's. But I do mind that you feel that I am trying to fend of the thought of that Jesus figure trying to take over the world. Actually, I don't care at all, apart from to the extent you expect me to be superficial enough to be even thinking about your nonsense!”

Angela then said: “You will see later that Christ will come down from heaven and then you shall all be punished!”

“I can't believe that! I don't know how they can teach you to believe such weird stories of how he shall be the ruler of this world from now on - and as though he hadn't already been put in that position by you!”

“I will not forgive you for calling that a nonsense statement! I will not forgive that you called my parents bad-ass parents who don't care for their children, just because they teach us Christ and not all the awful stuff that you learn in schools!”

The clerk looked gravely at her. “How come,” he asked, “ is there no reason in that head of yours!? You seem to be uninterested in caring about justice in the first place! And then you speak about us as if we were the ones to doom as though we were unjust!”

The girl looked at him with some contempt. “I will tell my parents that you are an atheist and that you will be evil enough to stop our world from being saved by the good Jesus Christ!”

“I will thereby acknowledge that you are so superstitious that your nonsense will be defended by their means of defending any nonsense they believe in!”

The other girl told him to shut up, because now they were going to have him to hell, and that without feeling a bit guilty about it.

Thereby the two girls went to their parents and asked them to shoot him. The next day they did. The girls rejoiced although they knew he had not been evil at all. He was only a man to be counted as Jesus' enemy. Now the two girls could feel self-confidence rise in that they had power over the atheists, in that he was surely going to hell!

But four weeks later, their parents were both dead. The store clerk had naturally warned his relatives about the girls' family. And they had naturally revenged the murder.

But, the two girls thought that was enough to put them in hell all of them. Meanwhile, their as they themselves, sooner or later, would naturally go to heaven, they thought.

They were put in a home for misfit children of parents who were part of the mafia, but who couldn't resist tempting their parents to be evil enough to obviously be a menace not to be thought of as anything but completely evil, no matter what they said.

This they thought of as a vengeance that would be only on the surface. But eventually the two of them grew older and began to understand that there was no cruelty in saying to oneself that one's soul is superb compared to atheists' souls. The tow girls thereby committed the crime of treachery against their parents, and now hated them for having taught them about Jesus and about how cruelty could change the world into His benefit and prosperity.

It Was an Encounter of Unfortunate Infidelity

Stella and Hans were having their second child. As it was born, even, Hans looked at her, his new-born, and established for himself that he felt that this second child of Stella was not his child. Very troubled by this, he soon after told both his wife and the hospital staff who had taken care of the delivery what he felt. A doctor who was there then looked at him and said: “I assure you, we can take a paternity test, if that's what you want!”

“Yes, I really very much think that would be adequate!” Hans answered.

After a few days, the paternity test showed that Stella's second child indeed had another father than Hans. Stella, who was very chocked by this tried to convince everyone that she hadn't slept with anyone else. “I assure you, Carl, that there must have been a look-alike of yours in our bed, then!”

To himself Hans thought about the weird attitudes there could have been about him, had he not been sensitive enough to tell immediately what he suspected. “I suspect there's no better way to find out than to look for that guy and then have it he should pay alimony for it, apart from that I would like to sue him for dealing in our business of some sort!”

Stella looked troubled. “Yes, of course,” she said after a while.

“I propose you see to it that no one ever set's his foot in the bed room, again, whom we don't both know for certain who he is!”

Stella looked thoughtful. “I suppose that they might come to us and pretend to be you, and then I would believe you and I do know that for a certainty!”

“I will rig up some hidden cameras then! I can even have them send signals to me at work, probably. But I'll have to check that with the boss, and then perhaps I can see to it that we get our alimony!”

“I don't suppose you feel that I need some privacy from whomever that is that will be at your work place spying on me?!”

“I suppose you don't really want us to get to know who that bastard is then, do you, Stella?!”

She sighed. “I believe I can find out who it is in some other way, dear! But, of course, I'm not completely sure unless the cameras do say something about the intrusions that could possibly be there!”

“It is the camera that shall say who that man is, apart form that he looks like me! So when will I have the knowledge of what you do when you're not at home?”

“Don't worry! I'll be at home almost always! I'll just go shopping a few times a week and perhaps once in a while go to mall where we found our furniture! I suppose that errand is of interest for you as well as me, dear?”

“Yes, I guess! But why don't you suppose that I'll be suspicious when you want to be away for that long without telling me in advance?”

“I suppose you don't know why I go there and find our furniture to be bought at spectacular prices?!”

“I don't know why there should be so little that says you could be with someone there and screw him while waiting for the delivery of the goods that you've ordered!”

“I will thereby see to it that you don't have to worry about that! I'll see to it that no one comes near me at that place!”

“I suspect that will not be an issue to discuss then, right, honey!?”

“That's correct, dear!”

“I will then see to it that there are people I'm related to there on the occasions that you go there! And if you go there without telling me first, then I will assume you're guilty of infidelity!”

“I suppose you will go there sometimes and find out with the staff where I've been when I was there?!”

“Yes, I might do that!”

“In order to find out, you could also find a person there to be your informer about me?!”

“I just might try that!”

“Then why don't you feel that we all should be into this stuff about weird accusations about the mall staff and stuff?!”

“I don't like the way that they feel about it if we have to go about it that way! It is as though you want me to tease them and as though they wouldn't react by taking the part of whomever is the one to challenge our marriage!”

“I can assure you that even I can speak to them so that they know that we need reassurance about what our enemies could be in that sense!”

“I cannot believe they wouldn't try to challenge that! Therefore I will go there myself and talk to some of their staff members, not to mention the director and so! ...”

A few weeks later Stella did go to the furniture mall and there he met some guy who told her that her husband had been there and said that there should be a lookout “against possible tormentors of the marriage he and you have!”

Stella said: “I assure you that all my stakes or ventures will be for the best of my family!”

The man looked at her and said: “I feel that you and August have something to be talking about, then!”

“I feel I have to do that!” Stella agreed.

“I was not until yesterday that he went here for us to know about it! How come your husband knows so much about the whereabouts you might have!?”

“I have to talk to august himself, please!”

“Okay, then!” he said and left.

Stella looked around. August was among the staff members who took care of deliverance of carpets. She went there during the time it took for the deliverance of a ornament for the kitchen, and looked for him.

She found him while he was talking to a few customers. He quickly glanced at her while talking to them, but did not interrupt himself until five minutes later. Then he just said: “Can I help you, madam?”

“I feel you and I have to talk! It's serious August! It seems I had a child with you after that time we screwed last June! Now my husband suspects that I've been screwing someone who is very dangerous for our marriage!”

“I suppose you then want me to tell him that I am not that kind of a danger for the tow of you!?”

“Yes, I wold want you to tell him something like that!”

“How come we didn't have a talk about that you were married in the first place!?”

“I didn't want to tell you, because then you would control my will to say to myself that I was in a happy marriage!”

“How come then do you feel now that I can tell your husband that I am not a threat to that?!”

“I feel that you have a responsibility to say that to him anyway! I also feel that you should not be pretending it was I who seduced you and not the other way around!”

He looked at her and said: “I feel that you don't feel that I don't know why you would lie to me in that case!”

“I feel that you are not responsible for me lying, but you are however responsible for me having to feel that you should have a sexual encounter with me!”

“I can't feel that I have had any sexual encounter where I was informed about the details of that girl whom I thought at first was a virgin!”

She looked at him and said: “I cannot feel so totally responsible for my actions as long as you can say that I feel superior for the sake of trying to keep out-of-place stuff away from real-life encounters!”

“Then I will say to your husband that I have had no chance to get to know that you were married!”

“Can't you say to him that you didn't feel he was a threat to the good type of relationship that you and I had!?”

“No, I can't feel like telling him that!”

“I can't believe that you don't feel that you and I had an encounter that wasn't good enough for us to uphold it as the type of responsible relationship that is not to be viewed as infidelity!”

“I can assure you that there's not any intent of being infidel on my part!”

“Then there is not any clue for him about why we had a relationship to begin with!”

“I can assure you that I have no idea of why there should be an intimate relationship on the side of a marriage that seems functional without it!”

“There isn't any marriage that can work that well! I feel you don't want to admit that a marriage is not an institution of intending to feel for each other that it was only the other partner who was worth it to stake one's ventures with!”

“I thereby tell you that there is no clue for me of how I should know that this view point of yours should be seen as the absolute fact you've been telling me that it is!”

“Oh! I don't feel that he needed to be informed, after all! It's he, not I, who hinders such good relationships form happening! It's he and not I who wanted this marriage to break up, because he, not I was into soar attitudes about me wanting to find out what it was like with real romance for a while!”

“I can't believe you really feel infidelity is so honest, and still feel that you don't have anything to loose by telling people that your husband is unseemingly confident that marriage should be the only alibi for being correct about an attitude that is not to be seen as real, as you put it!”

“I feel that you have a slack attitude, in that case! I also feel that you don't have the guts to tell him just because it's you and not me who wanted to open up for the relationship to happen! Moreover, I feel you don't have the right to intrude on me and my marriage as long as you don't admit that I have a right to go looking for romances that are adventurous and charming!”

“Then how come you feel that we had an encounter that was so beautiful that I should tell your husband that it was better than that it could threaten a marriage?! Because neither you nor I had anything to say about that marriage! In the first place, I didn't know about it! Secondly, you seem not to be into relating to it as the bigger deal than some one-the-side romances!”

“I will thereby conclude that you are not the man I hoped you were! You will not any longer have my sympathy for that you seem intelligent and good for a man to be romancing with!”

“I simply can't do anything about that.”

“Then I'll tell him that you and I had an encounter that you were responsible of and that you should have avoided putting me into!”

“I will then inform my boss about that! She will not, presumably, be into letting me seem to be that kind of a fellow!”

“I will thereby try to pretend that you are not uncanny enough to even be into any relationship in the first place, but I will not pretend as if something about it for my husband!”

“I don not at all prefer to be called the uncanny guy that you should have a screw with! In fact, I regret that screw, and even if we did have it, there shall be no others of it!”

“I shall thereby tell people that there are not any businesses that ruin romantic inspirations as much as yours!”

“Then I shall establish that there are not any more reasons to say that I am reasoning with you without there being taunting on your behalf that is not my business to like!”

“I will thereby stop talking to you, and you shall know that although I have said all those things, I will still be seen as a girl who did not know what she was getting into when we had a relationship!”

With that she left him and went to pick up her two kitchen ornaments and then also left the mall without knowing that August had already said to his boss that Stella had pretended to be unmarried and that she now intended to blackmail him into seeming like he knew that she was married.

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Trying to Be of Fake that Is "Worth It for Eternity"

”Try to think about it!” Leon said to his brother “Why would our enemies be into, unworthily of emotions that seem legit for people in general, trying to fake that they were intuitive of exactly this type of status for being sexual about whom they choose for it?”

“I suppose you mean that they would not interfere with us if we weren't into seeing them as potential rivals about the sex partners?”

“Yeah, I mean that!” he said, looking at his brother with an air of sophistication and clarity on important issues.”

“Should we, that is, try to have it they aren't worthy of any sex partners and thereby humiliate them? Is that what you think could be a working strategy against them!?”

“Yes! I think that could be it!”

“I suppose they will then have cause to feel inferior and also not be able to avenge that, right, Leon?”

“I find that to be a probable enough thing!”

“It isn't!”

“Sam, it really is that! We shouldn't think we have to expect them all to be able to rescue themselves ones we have some of them in that trap! If they propose upon that, that they should be good for relationships, then we can harass them about not seeming good enough even for a partner for one-night stands or so.”

“I suppose you all the time will have a clarity on when they will be able to come back from seeming inadequate for relationships? How come then do you find yourself to be the one to care about as though they weren't supposedly smarter at gaining the confidence of potential partners for sex?”

“It's because I don't find myself to be the partner to have to beg for a woman to be saying to me that I'd be a worthwhile date. And it's also because they don't have it in them not to view themselves as the more adequate than most for dating than I am. Moreover, those women that they stand for that I couldn't have - I've screwed several of them! That means, as matter of fact, that I am the superb at catching girls, and they are my inferiors - and this will be everlasting!”

Sam looked at him. “No, I don't think you're right in that they do not have any partners you don't know about! For instance, wasn't that girl at the party with Carl seemingly good enough for a catch he could have made you jealous about?!”

Leon looked back at Sam and answered: “I suppose you don't find that to be an imbecile virtue to be having, that of having the party seem to be a responsibility for himself to be into seeming to have the right kind of a girlfriend at!?! Still I suppose you don't find it any harder to ridicule him than I do, once you find out how easy it is to catch those girls, just as long as they don't seem to be sluttier than the rest of 'em for it!”

“I don't find them any sluttier than most girls I run into, those whom that Carl, or his brother Peter choose to bring about as their won for that sake!”

“Then how come, dear brother, do we not try to find out how they really feel about those fellows?!”

“It's because we can never seem to be innocent of realizing what they, the women that is, are about when they manage to get laid without us knowing it!”

“I suppose you don't find that to be a trick that they could use against us for the sake of finding us to be the ones who stay ignorant of their mishaps as long as they're flattering them well enough to stay with their asses for the time it takes to become a real man seeming trustworthiness for 'em!”

“I suppose then that you don't realize that they aren't as imbecile as all that! I mean that they aren't unable to find out what we're about with 'em, once we start poking into their business!”

“Okay, then I shall start looking into what they might be able to find out about that!”

“You do that! And meanwhile I'll try to find out what they're all about once they are into being some woman's man for a time, and thereby what they could get into concerning us, of blackmail or so against us!”

“Into this type of seemingly smart attitude I would have you for the first time now!”

“Oh! I guess that's just because you hadn't actually figured out my way of seeing them until now!”

“I suppose that means that the two of us will be into relationships with many women who are unaware of one another, and who thus find themselves to each one be very honored by the attention you or I can give her!”

“I can say we should not be lonely again, ever, that is neither one of us! I propose thereby that you and I go and find out right now what se should have of benefits for actually doing that!”

Thereby the two brothers tried to find out about what they had proposed for each other that they would. Leon did find something about how the women seem to be blackmailed by the men that they are supposedly fond of. Meanwhile Sam had found something about how they, the women, treat each other while having an affair with someone the other woman fancies. This he used for drawing the conclusion that they would for a man similar to himself or his brother that she would fancy him for being free to get laid with without that bringing her to shame about what to make of her friends when they get laid that way. Without feeling that this was too far fetched or so, the two brothers saw to it that they could feel that there would be triumph enough for the empathy between them and the women to make certain that nothing would ever stop them from seeming to be real about having the females seem smart at catching men, but not smart at seeming to catch them. In this they did manage to catch many girls and thus reach a fairly high-ranking status about them. This in turn showed them how to manipulate the women to be smart at manipulating other men, so that in the end the two brothers managed to become local chiefs of the neighbourhood. Thereby, none of the women they managed to catch that way would, if she found out, be able to complain much about them! Thereby, in turn, the two of them were powerful enough to break their enemies sophisticated defences against their own clarity, as they saw it, on what is of worth about being a man of good reputation in their town. Thus, finally, they managed to revert the women form doubting them into seeing them as the absolute powers that should be eternally respected.

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The Dilemma of the Blackmailers and the Tyrants

”For every time we hear a story about our competence, we also hear that nonsense about our competences being fake!” The old man saying this was seemingly furious at the facade of teaming up with each other for the sake of blackmailing him. But, on the other side, we figured, there was no truth in that he, nor his family, were at all as competent as they made themselves seem. Moreover, they had been trying to portray us too as nonsense, of the kind that one shouldn't be handling as anything but pathetic in their comparison.

But we were afraid too of the syndicate they spoke of. They, even more, we thought, than the old fellow who spoke to us, were dangerous and blackmailing in the sense that they made us all seem awkward and silly by their comparison. However, I have no idea about how we should be into seeming smart enough to compete with them, without them thereby being able to see to it that they were admired as our idols or something.

“You speak as though you were able to resurrect us all from their blackmail. But how about that blackmail that you've been spreading about our family?” my wife asked him.

The old man sighed, and did his best to look honest enough to deserve our sympathy. “Our so-called blackmail against you four has never been anything but showing them what reality is about when one doesn't see how smart other people are!” He looked certain that he and his family would pertain to those other people, the smart people.

The certainty in his eyes seemed to resurrect his self-confidence, and so also his family's. “I assure you all,” he continued, “we all have the competence and clarity on problems that we need to be able to cope with them when they come here! But you people will not manage them without us nearby to defend you!”

“Then how come,” my wife asked, “don't you feel like pretending as if something about that they have been gladly following you so much more than us? How come,” she continued, “tend to pretend as if we were blackmailed at all if it hadn't been for you guys?!”

He looked startled. “I assure you, you wouldn't feel better if it had been we who weren't there on that festival when they began chasing us for the sake of blackmailing our competences, which we were presenting there! That is, we will not be the ones to be as weak as you guys would, if they came after you! But, then again, of course, you are not smart nor competent enough for them to have anything to be chasing after in the first place, and thereby you feel lucky, you feel free, as though you were free from oppression, when you're actually in need of me and all the others here that are of my business!” by which he meant mostly him and his relatives.

We looked at each other silently for a short while. About four or five seconds later our eldest child, Oscar, whispered to us: “Let's just leave them just the same! I mean it still isn't us, but them they're after! WE don't need to feel incompetent in order to realize that we all are absolute survivors, apart from their incompetence not to wake the attention of the people they're into seeing us as the enemies of!”

My wife and I smiled at this. After a while, my wife whispered back: “I can see that they will not have anything going for them if those people come around here! Then, in fact, the four of us can actually be free from the terror of their rule over us, those fakers who really seem to be into that their enemies are always ours, and moreover that their friends are also our enemies, of sorts.”

“Yeah I know,” Oscar whispered, “and they seem like what we need although they completely have created almost every problem we have ever had!”

“Yeah exactly!” I muttered, almost to audibly for them not to hear it. So I lowered my voice to the same whispering level they had, and continued: “I face the danger now of having to pretend that there's not any confidence in me to stand for clarification on the issues that we are supposedly facing. It is as if we were cowardly on our own record, and as if their cowardice and also boastfulness was completely unimportant.

With that we carefully left the scene where our neighbours were still bragging and inspiring confidence in themselves from other neighbours who were seemingly more naive than us. I assured myself that they were busy speaking with some of them, while we left and saw to it that no trace could be found of where we were going.

A few hours later, we left our home town with the boat that we had bought five weeks ago from a gypsy who we had not rally trusted, but who showed us that the raft was rather impeccably seaworthy. This raft was not too easily recognized, and we had bought it in preparation for this get-away. Thereby, we had from the gypsy vehicle a possibility of escape that it was rather safe to assume there would be no easy-to-follow trace from.

After at sea, we harboured in a nearby town, where we also laboured as caretakers of the outward impressions of a few business firms there. Doing that, we earned our food and shelter for four weeks, upon which we continued in our raft to another town, where we did the same.

After seven more similar sea travels, we finally reached a place where there seemed to be shelter from the rich and wealthy people that after all were likely to be harassing us as well as our bullying neighbours. Thereby we had finally a possible shelter for good, or so it seemed. But it was not totally worth it to trust that notion of security! Because a few weeks later they did arrive there, those people, including Hito, the notorious gangster who ridiculed so many by seeming very innocent while preparing for torment and torture for so very many innocent-or-not people they ran into.

We heard about their arrival by rumours from the locals, among which we had earned a fairly good reputation as trustworthy and a bit more helpful than that they would want to chase us away and keep our problems to ourselves. The people of our present village could easily have been threatened by Hito and his gang anyway, and were thereby not at all blaming us. Fleeing people both asked for our assistance and told us to come with them, because now they had arrived!

We joined the fleeing rally in that we too felt sure that fleeing was the best defence against Hito and his evil people. After a few days, we reached a place where the locals said we could rest and hide, perhaps forever. It was there, though, that after a few additional days, the gang found us. When they did, we were not surprised that the old man and his family were trying to survive as the advisors of these people whom they had spoken so much against.

So, with their advice potentially working against us, we saw the need to convince Hito and his gang to be smart at realizing that they were lying more than we would be against them. Secondly, we also needed to convince the Hito people that we were not very far away from being dangerously defensive against them. Thirdly we needed to resurrect ourselves from the blackmail from our former neighbours that made us seem worthwhile fighting just the same.

I had not until then realized the potentials of neither Hito nor Pasa, who was his assistant, of blaming blackmailers for whatever happened that was not seemingly worth it. Anyone could see that the people who were our former neighbours could not resurrect themselves at our expense, although they tried several of their tricks. On the other hand, we all saw, also, that the Hito people were sufficiently loth against accepting anyone but themselves as supreme or even okay and acceptable people.

But, from here on, we would not fight these people anymore, nor even feel they were to be feared very much, really, because they gave us a free escape from their claws.

But a few generations later, Hito's soul was there in an empire which was much worse than in the reincarnation when I met him and his gang. ...